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About Us

ENVASES FARMACEÚTICOS S.A. (ENFA SA) was founded in 1985 with the purpose of manufacturing and distributing all kinds of plastic containers and disposables for the health sector and since then it has created a network of clients and collaborators that covers all of Spain and Portugal, also exporting to countries like France, Italy, Germany, etc. within Europe

Our basic activity continues to be the manufacture of all types of plastic containers, such as bottles, jars, containers for “In Vitro” use, for prostheses, wedge and sabot urinals, and others.

ENFA S.A. It has been provided with a know-own, trained personnel and infrastructure, such as machinery for injection, blowing of plastic materials, conditioning, etc. which allows us to manufacture and sell directly to our distributors and customers at their total demand. We work 24 hours a day, in facilities spread over 2000 m2 that include not only the manufacturing department but also areas for storage of production stocks. We also have our own vehicles and agreements with other companies to transport the distributed products.

Our products are distributed to hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories and several major distributors in Spain and Europe.

After opening a market for manufactured products, commercial activities pushed us to take advantage of the synergy of the distribution structure created by including in our catalog products manufactured by other European and Asian companies that expand our supply offer to our customers.

We are interested in customer satisfaction by supplying products with the characteristics they require and the best value for money in the market and for this we make a constant effort to improve our quality system with your collaboration.


Enfa Quality Policy

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