Methadone container 60cc.

Methadone container 60cc.

ARTICLE:                              Methadone container 60cc.

REFERENCE:                     2

EAN CODE:                         8431785005010



Cylindrical bottle of 60cc. with safety catch.

It has got a narrow mouth, with a screw top. The safety cap has got a plugging soft disc with self-adhesive sealing sheet that guarantees that the product has not been manipulated after being bottling. A system of safety catch prevents accidental opening and confers tightness to the container.

It is made with materials that does not react with drugs and does not break when the container falls or is pressed. They are non-toxic and chemically inert.

It is opaque because of light-sensible drugs.

Very resistant.



Nominal capacity                     60cc.

Max. capacity                             75cc.

Height (with cap)                      77mm.

Body diameter                          48mm.

Internal diameter mouth         18mm.

External diameter cap             35mm.

Weight                                        19g.



Cap                      98% Polypropilene virgin

                              2% Masterbatch colorant

Sealing disc       Base: Polyethylen low density

                              Disc: Polystyrene expanded

Body                     98% Polypropilene high density virgin

                              2% Masterebatch



The boxes are of corrugate carton, 64x42x60 cm., containing a bag of polyethylene low density with 1000 units.



To store in a dry environment at room temperature. Keep safe from combustible sources. No special set required to use it.



1000 units per box.