Finger pulse oximeter

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The nipper-shaped display is applied in the forefinger and represents the number of pulses and the percentage of blood oxygen saturation in a display, as well as the pulse wave graphic.

Light, easy use, energy saving (30mA, AAA batteries can last 20-32 hours without interruption). Automatic "turn-off" after 5 seconds without using it and a battery meter. Display  mode can be changed.



Lenght                                          66mm.

Width                                            36mm.

Thickness                                   33mm.

Weight (battery included)         50g.



The boxes are of carton, 10x70x40 mm., containing one pulse oximeter ina polyethylene bag, two AAA batteries, one belt and instructions.



Display format                             OLED display 1.1". Resolution 96x64.

SpO2 measuring range             0-100%.

Pulse measuring range             30-250 bpm.

Batteries                                        1.5V AAA batteries. 2.6-3.6V.

Consumption                                < 25mA.

Resolution                                     1% SpO2. 1bpm pulse.

Error margin                                  SpO2: ±2% (±4% if weak pulse).

                                                         Heart rate: ±2bpm or 2% (the higher one).

Optical sensor                              Red light (wavelenght 660nm.).

                                                         Infrared light (wavelenght 880nm.).



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