Syringe 2ml. 3P/Neddle 21G

Syringe 2ml. 3P/Neddle 21G

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ARTICLE:                      Syringe 2ml. 3P/Neddle 21G

REFERENCE:              JA3

EAN CODE:                  8431785002323



Sterilized, non-toxic, apyrogenic syringes. Latex free. With neddle.

It is made up of a transparent body with fixing points, white piston and black gasket.

Joint and neddle according to standard.

Cylindrical body, highly transparent, with a retention ring that avoids accidental extraction of the piston.

It has got a volume scale printed with black indelible ink.

It is lubricated with silicone oil that confers softness to the stroke of the piston.

Joint with two sealing rings.

Low residual volume.

Sterilized with ethylene oxide according to EN550 standard.



Body                 Polypropylene virgin.

Piston              Polypropylene virgin teinted.

Gasket             Non-toxic synthetic rubber. Latex free.



The product is packed in a single bag made of PP+PE, closed with medical degree paper with a description of the product, sterilization methosd, batch and expiration date.

The boxes are of corrugate carton 5mm. thickness, 18x15x11.5 cm., containing 100 units.

The pack, 61.5x48.5x38 cm., contains 2400 units.



To store in a dry environment at room temperature. Keep away from solar light.



Pack with 2400 units.